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Saffron – Wood Wick Candle

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Our Saffron is a rich and opulent candle that feels like walking through a spice market! With warm and rich notes of tobacco, white tea, and pure saffron, it's sure to please anyone who loves woody, elevated scents.

  • 8.5 oz soy candle in a reusable glass jar
  • Sustainable wood wick for a a clean, even burn with less soot than cotton wicks. Creates a soothing fireplace crackle
  • Up to 80 hours of burn time
  • Hand poured in micro-batches in NYC

MOODWoody & Opulent

NOTESSaffron, Tobacco, White Tea

What is Saffron? Saffron is one of the world’s oldest luxury ingredients, with uses tracing back over 3500 years. Derived from the saffron crocus flower, it has seen uses throughout history as a fragrance, dye, seasoning, and medicine. 

While there is some debate about its origin, popular Kashmir legend says that saffron was brought to South Asia in the 11th century by two religious travelers who fell ill while passing through the area. The local tribe helped nurse them back to health, and as they departed, they gifted the tribe a single saffron crocus bulb in exchange for their kindness. Today, these two travelers are treated as saints, and have a golden shrine dedicated to them in Pampore, India, where saffron is the chief export. Prayers are still offered to these two saints during saffron harvest, which takes place in late autumn.

MOOD: Woody & Opulent

NOTES: Saffron, Tobacco, White Tea


BURN TIME: up to 80 hours


DIAMETER: 3.06 inches

HEIGHT: 3.5 inches


  • Our soy wax candles are:
    • toxin-free
    • gluten-free
    • paraben-free
    • phthalate-free
    • cruelty free
    • vegan
  • All manufacturing supplies are responsibly sourced, with fair wages for employees throughout the supply chain and carbon footprint top of mind
  • All of our shipping materials are recyclable- even the packing peanuts are fully biodegradable!
  • We encourage you to re-use each candle vessel- check out our social media for ways to clean out your jar or tin once you've finished burning it
  • Every candle is hand poured in micro-batches in NYC

Wood wick candles can be intimidating at first but they operate just like any regular candle! Here are answers to some commonly asked questions to help you feel comfortable with burning a wood wick candle.

Are wood wick candles safe?

Yes, wood wick are derived from natural resources (wood) and are much safer than the traditional cotton wick which are often coated with harsh chemicals!

What are the benefits of wood wick candles?

Wood wicks provide a soothing crackle to emulate a gentle fireplace! They also release a stronger scent throw without being overwhelming.

Are there any restrictions on burning wood wick candles?

The National Candle Association advises that no candle should be burnt for more than 4 hours in one sitting. It is also recommended that one should stop burning the candle when there is 1/2 of wax left. Never leave the candle unattended and keep away from children and pets.

Black smoke is coming out of my candle, what do I do?

All candles (not just wood wick candles) will product black smoke if you burn them for long enough. Simply trim the wick to 1/8 inch before each burn to get rid of the smoke. Trimming the wick ensures the candle is safe for the environment and makes it last longer.

How do I light a wood wick candle?

Simply light the candle from edge and watch it catch. 

I accidentally cut my wood wick too short and now it won’t light, what do I do?

Don’t worry this happens to the best of us! If your candle lights for a short period of time, simply use a napkin to soak up the melted wax and it’ll go back to normal. If your candle is not lighting at all, scrape off some of the wax around the wood and try lighting it again. The wax is the fuel to the wick, and there is just too much fuel for the candle to catch.

Where can I get the best wood wick candle?

Emme Essentials pairs wood wicks with coconut soy wax to create the best luxury candle on the market. Their products are toxin-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and come from renewable sources. Countless hours of testing ensures the flame is tempered and burns correctly.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jackie C.
In love with Saffron

This one has to be my favorite because I grew up in a house that used a ton of saffron- from cooking to medicine and everything in between. This candle doesn't smell like opening a bag of spices- because it smells so much better! They did a great job balancing the other factors in the scent to really produce something balanced and pleasant to smell in your house at all times, not just dinner.

Aria L.
Good but not the best

This candle would be a standout if it wasn't paired with two other heavy hitters in the fall set! Team Masala Chai all day but this one is still worth trying if you haven't!

Rebecca W.

It really does remind me of walking through a spice market- the saffron is so well balanced with the rest of the candle that it really feels like I'm back home :)

Really yummy

Ahhh this candle is taking me back right now! Love the way it smells and looks in my apartment- it fills up the space with scent no problem, unlike some other candles. It really reminds me of being home in Nepal with my family and cooking dinner together

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