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Chrysanthemum – Wood Wick Candle

$26.50 $33

As lovely as the flower, our Chrysanthemum candle features top notes of jasmine and honey, blended in with a crisp, floral Chrysanthemum for a luscious airy scent. 

MOOD: Lucious & Floral
SMELLS LIKE: Chrysanthemum, Jasmine, Honey

8.5 oz in 13 oz reusable glass vessel 

Our soy wax candles are gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and hand-poured in micro-batches in NYC


Customer Reviews

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Reminds me of the juice box!

This scent is so nostalgic for me! I used to love the sweet, chrysanthemum tea juice boxes that were sold in Asian supermarkers when I was growing up. I'm guessing the creators of this candle did too, because WOW! It's totally spot on- really does remind me of exactly that smell and taste, and to be honest its a little sad since I live so far from home and no stores around me carry this. Thanks for a small piece of home with this candle!

Alana L.

Really nailed the smell of the chrysanthemum on this one- it smells airy, light, and is super refreshing to my space.

Eva L.
Never seen this

I've never seen another company with a scent like chrysanthemum, especially in the context of an Asian ingredient. My mom always made me drink Chrysanthemum tea when I was growing up because it was supposed to be good for me and help "balance my heat"- I'm sure a lot of you reading this can relate. Love that this was made into a scent, because now I can have that memory no matter where I am! Really cool


Not too aggressive- the scent itself is so light and delicate even sticking your face above the candle isn't overwhelming. I really love the way the label looks too. The bright yellow and big, loud flame of this candle make it visually loud, while its scent is subtle. Perfect for me!

Kim S.
Really nice

Smells good- it wasn't as sweet as the boxed tea like I hoped

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