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Sakura / Cherry Blossom – Wood Wick Candle


Symbolic of spring and new beginnings, Sakura is Japan's national flower. It smells exactly how it's described—  floral, timeless, and fresh. Our Sakura scent is unique, complemented with notes of Bergamot and Hinoki to create an elevated aroma and atmosphere.

MOOD: Delicate & Floral
NOTES: Cherry Blossom, Hinoki, Bergamot

8.5 oz in 13 oz reusable glass vessel 

Our soy wax candles are gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and hand-poured in micro-batches in NYC

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Such a great gift!

My old roommate's birthday was coming up, and she's one of those who buys everything she wants and needs already. I wanted to pick something that was cute but still useful, and felt more special and unique. I bought one of the Sakura candles for her as part of a gift. When she opened the box and sniffed the candle, she instantly became obsessed! She brought it home and her sister and boyfriend have also joined the wagon. I also loved how quickly it shipped. Will definitely be shopping here again!

this candle was so worth it

I loved lighting this candle in my home. It smelled amazing and was super cute as home decor.

Kathy N.
Wood wick is awesome

Its sooo relaxing how the candle keeps crackling and it reminds me of a fireplace

Jenny F.
My new fav

Just got this in the mail and can't wait to burn it regularly! Even just opening the box, you're hit in the face with such strong, good aromas!

Michelle N.
This candle saved my work from home experience

The scent of cherry blossoms is so delicate and refreshing that it makes working from home so much easier. Big fan!

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