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Ube – Candle Tin

$15.00 USD

Our Ube candle is modeled after a core memory of one of our founders- walking into a Filipino bakery, and smelling hot ube buns cooling on the rack, fresh out of the oven. This gourmand candle is a guaranteed hit with anyone who loves decadent vanilla notes balanced with natural nuttiness.

MOOD: Sweet & Starchy
NOTES: Vanilla Bean, Ube, Sago

4 oz

Our soy wax candles are gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and hand-poured in micro-batches in NYC.

What is Ube? Ube is a Filipino dessert made from a purple yam. It has achieved recent online popularity due to its rich, aesthetic purple color, but has been a part of Filipino culture for centuries. Ube is first mentioned in 1613, in the first Spanish-Filipino dictionary. Its most traditional preparation is called Ube Halaya, which involves mashing the purple yam and simmering it into a thick, pudding-like paste with sugar and fresh milk from a water buffalo. With influence from American occupation, evaporated and condensed milk were often added as well, making the Ube Halaya sweeter than its traditional counterpart. The yam itself is exceptional at absorbing flavor from other ingredients in a dish- for example the woodiness of coconut, or the richness of cream while maintaining its natural nuttiness.. Many historians consider the use of Ube to be a testament to the many cultures who have occupied the Philippines over the years- its preparation has been influenced by the Spanish, the Americans, and the Japanese.

**Due to the size of the candle tins, we do not recommend burning them for more than 2 hours in a single session.

Customer Reviews

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Avec Bougie
A Gourmand Winner

I love ube and take full advantage of any opportunity to consume it; even the bright purple color makes me happy. It has a bit of a nutty, vanilla flavor. As someone who doesn't often like gourmand candles, This candle was such an unexpected win for me; it reminded me of photorealistic baked goods. After trying the tin, I will definitely be rebuying in the full size.

Annabel Lau
Smells incredible

Wow! I ordered this at a friend’s recommendation, and I’m so glad I did! I ordered this tin to just try the scent, but it really fills the room despite being so small. Smells like a delicious ube brownie. I will definitely be ordering larger versions now. Can’t wait to try the other scents I ordered!

allison coquet
Emme for Emmé

Our daughter's name is Emmé so when I saw Emme Essentials we had to try the candles! The candles exceeded my expectations. The quality is amazing and the scents are unique and so pleasing. Will be ordering more in the larger sizes as we have been using them each night. More Emme for Emmé (and the rest of us too!)

Great service! Great candles!

Quick shipping and great smelling candles! Need to pick some up for myself.

Tina David
Smells SOOO good

This candle smells amazing, I’m upset I can’t eat it, but it’s so cute and well packaged as well!

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